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Stanimira Chocolate House

Stanimira Chocolate House specializes in high-quality artisan chocolates made with care and fine fresh ingredients, to ensure a delicious flavor with every piece. Chocolate is a little miracle wrapped in a package.

Winning Corporate Entertainment:
”Chocolate Sensations”“Chocolatier” led by Tania Georgieva of Stanimira Chocolate House.

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Meet our Master Chocolatier, Tania!

"I founded Stanimira Chocolate House in 2014 from desire to share my passion for fine and special chocolates with the rest of the people. I think that chocolate is an experience between people and an experience that brings together people and relieve fine and mixed feelings.

Chocolate represents a mixture of good ingredient, love and good experiments. So from my past experiments I want to offer, learn and share with people this kind of experience. I put my imagination, creativity, a lot of love, gratefulness and a little dust of stars and dreams to give JOY! Everything starts with a dream, with the power of imagination..."

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